Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, I was hoping for a LITTLE better, but I'm still quite happy with


Only once before ~ two brief months back in the spring of '03 ~ have I been this "light" since 1997, The Year of The Wild and Wooly Weight Gain. I'm just 5 lbs away from duplicating that particular achievement, but still only halfway to my final goal.

But I'm HALFWAY!!!!
And in just 10 weeks!

I guess that means I should probably allow for another 20 to lose the second half then, right?

I thought that sounded like a long time, but end of October/beginning of November is pretty much exactly what I'd kinda picked as a time goal in my mind. That'll give me a couple of months in "maintenance mode" before Christmas hits!!

Woo-hoo!! Rock on, Team PURPLE!!!

The Sisterhood - Team PURPLE!


Stesha said...

Great Job!

Hugs and Mocha,

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tammi! Awesome job...keep it up Purple Sister!!!

Not Jenny said...

Good job!!!! Can I call you a Big Loser without offending you?

(ahem, Go Green!!!!)

Brooke said...

*grabs tammi and does a happy dance with her*

great job! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done! You're really on your way!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Way to go!! Keep it up!

Mesha said...

good job! I lost 5 this week, but I'm up 1 of those now. :(

Alesha said...

You go girl, awesome job!!!!

Mesha said...

gave u a shout out on my page. :) Thanks for all your encouragment

april said...

That's terrific! Great job!!