Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walk the Talk Tuesday

Tuesday: (liquids day) Had only coffee and skim milk for breakfast and another cup of skim milk with a large bowl of hot V8 for lunch. (Tomato juice totally grosses me out, but I find if I add some herbs and spices and eat it like a hot bowl of soup, it's quite palatable!!)

Had a very reasonable portion of Spaghetti with Tuna and Lemon for supper, with carrot sticks and cucumber salad on the side. Made baked cinnamon tortilla roll-ups (lazy cinnamon buns!) for dessert for myself and the girls, but we each only ate half because I used 10" tortillas.

But then I polished off the last of the Creamy Dill chips once the girls were in bed. There was only 60 g (2 ozs) left in the bag, thank goodness.
Yes, I weighed them. That's how seriously I'm taking this accountability thing.

Then I did two, 10-minute pilates segments. Belly and butt. For serious.

Wednesday: (half day) Kicked off the morning with a 40-minute fat-burning, standing Pilates workout, believe it or not. A slice of toast w/Nutella and skim milk for breakfast with my coffee.

Because we wouldn't be heading back into town tomorrow just for a one-hour Nursery school wind-up picnic, I asked Fidget where she'd like to eat today for a treat and she said KFC, so KFC it was. I ordered the Big Crunch Combo and ate the WHOLE sandwich!!!! None of this "eat half and save the rest to enjoy some other time" nonsense! (This totally came back to bite me in the butt. Earlier in the morning, I'd used that phrase to encourage April to decide ahead of time to control herself on her birthday! Gaaa.) I did order coleslaw instead of fries, but still. Topped it off with my remaining half Cinnamon Roll-up from last night. Guess I've had my one meal of the day.

Two small carrot sticks and one bowl of hot V8 for supper (haha, I love how disgusting HOT V8 sounds!), followed by a handful (15g/1 oz) of low-fat pretzels for a snack.

Did two more 10-minute Pick Your Spot Pilates workouts afterwards. Thighs and belly this time. Man, is my belly ever sore after this morning's workout! And my butt. And my thighs.

All in all, despite having KFC for lunch, I think this "half" day went just fine.

Thursday: ("normal" day) Started the day with another 40-minute Fat-Burning workout at 5:45 am. I'm proud to say I was a little more coordinated today than yesterday! The girls and I each had one piece of the leftover breakfast casserole from the weekend and a small cornmeal muffin with honey. YUM.

Lunch was a bologna sandwich and a half-piece of leftover pumpkin cheesecake (it's quite a thin 9x13 layer cake that serves 12, so a half piece isn't actually very much) on the picnic blanket on the dining room floor.

Supper was on the picnic blanket OUTDOORS because it really was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. I had a third of a tin of beans in tomato sauce, a handful of carrot sticks and cucumber slices, and two garlic breadsticks.

Then I push-mowed the lawn for an hour and a half ~ and I'm still not done! But after the workouts of the last two days, I just couldn't give anymore. (plus, it was the girls' bedtime) I think that's all the work-out I need for today!

Friday: (fasting day) Two, 10-minute Pick Your Spot workouts at 5:45 am. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Finally ate supper with The Bushman at 8:45 pm! It was nice ~ eating on the couch and watching TV like we always used to before we had kids... Had a moderate serving of spaghetti and meatsauce, a large helping of cooked homegrown corn (from my freezer still!), 3 garlic breadsticks, a tall glass of homemade iced tea (which in Canada automatically contains sugar), and a cup of skim milk with the LAST half-piece of layered pumpkin cheesecake.

Saturday: ("normal" day) The Bushman made breakfast today! I love Saturdays because he usually does. I had one fried egg (cooked on a griddle, so there was no added fat for frying), a 3" piece of leftover barbecued Mennonite farmer sausage, a slice of toast with margarine and honey, and a cup of skim milk. And coffee. ALWAYS coffee.

Half-hour, 2-mile brisk walk, followed by the remainder of the lawn-mowing, which took me another half-hour.

Hubby fried fish for supper ~ YUMMMM! ~ and I ate "several" pieces. Also had a moderate helping of Hashbrown Casserole and cucumber salad. And a hunk of Rice Krispie cake made with MARS BARS instead of marshmallows for dessert. It was a larger meal than normal, but considering we ate only at 7 pm and I hadn't had a single morsel since breakfast, I think I did well once again.

Sunday: ("half" day) Half slice of toast w/margarine and Nutella, half-cup of skim milk and coffee for breakfast.

For lunch, one slice of leftover toast with two slices of cheddar cheese, two cups iced tea, and a forkful of my mom's most delicious pickles, followed by a 2-mile, 30-minute walk in the blistering 29-degree heat ~ woo-hoo!!! (That's 84F for the Celsius-challenged. And don't laugh, that's about as blistering as it gets up here in Manitoba! We're not accustomed to such!)

Were invited out for supper to friends' home ~ had a 3-bone section of barbecued ribs, half a medium-sized baked potato w/a small amount of margarine and real bacon bits, a serving of peas, and two helpings of strawberry spinach salad w/low-fat poppyseed dressing. And a chunk of yummy frozen strawberry/whipping cream kind of dessert!

Had planned on doing two 10-minute workouts after hubby left for the week, but he ended up only getting off the driveway at 10 pm, so I just didn't.

Monday: ("liquids" day) Couldn't quite bring myself to do a 40-minute fat-burning workout this morning, so I opted for "belly" and "butt" 10-minute workouts instead.

Coffee and skim milk for breakfast. Hot V8 in a bowl, cold V8 Splash in a cup for lunch. One slice of cheddar cheese at about 5 pm to keep me from nibbling like crazy while making supper.

For supper, one moderate helping Hashbrown Casserole, two chunks of leftover fish, and the remaining cucumber salad (all from Saturday night). One piece of Mars Bar Rice Krispie Square for dessert.

Two more 10-minute target work-outs before bed ~ "thighs" and "belly."

And with that, I'm pretty confident that I'm lookin' good for weigh-in again tomorrow!!!!

How 'bout you? How did YOU stay accountable and stick with your plan this week?

Scrawny 2


Brooke said...

baked cinnamon tortilla roll-ups? um recipe please. *crosses fingers that this is low calorie*

okay i did horribly this weekend, but since i knew that was going to happen that kinda makes it my plan right?

Stesha said...

Wow! You are doing great. I'm still at the hospital with Elijah, so I think I've dropped tons of weight. Hospital food sucks!

While my husband sat with Elijah the other day, I went to Target and purchased the Shred. The hospital room has a dvd player and I was thinking I could start. This is not the case. I'm too tired to start. Once I get home I will be more relaxed.

Hugs and Mocha,

TammyIsBlessed said...

You are doing fantabulous!! Keep it up. Can't weight (I mean wait) to see what tomorrow brings you!

Mesha said...

...so how do I get on board with that type of eating plan - NONE of those items are really left in my diet right now. lol. I also clicked the link to the Tuna spaghetti and it is 920 calories. That's 3/4 of my daily calories in one meal. WOWZER! the cinammon things sound great too...

*Lissa* said...

Wow, you are doing so awesome!!

Andrea said...

OH! MY! GOODNESS! You are amazing! Uh....I'm getting a little nervous about the menu next weekend... :)