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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to Restart. (AGAIN!)

Sisterhood of the Shrinking JeansMan, I get so tired of this cycle. I feel like a broken record.

Twice in the last 6 months I've been down to 154.6 and twice I've bounced back up, once just a few pounds; this time 7.8. You do the math.

And before you say, "Maybe this is just where your body needs to be," let me just say, I KNOW IT ISN'T!! I KNOW I've slacked off and taken up ROUTINE evening snacking again. I KNOW I've allowed seconds (and sometimes even thirds) when I shouldn't have. I KNOW I've over-eaten at times when I wasn't even hungry to begin with. I completely deserve this latest weight gain.

But, I guess the only true failure is the one who doesn't even try, so here I am, trying again. I do have a specific goal for this challenge, but it seems like if I say it out loud, I'm bound to sabotage myself, so I'm going to try keeping it a secret this time!

I've decided to go back to the ol' Becoming a Woman of Moderation eating plan (posted in my sidebar) that lost me all that weight last spring. Since I seem to have self-discipline issues, I obviously need a specific eating plan. I'd love to be able to say I can control myself ~ that I only eat when I'm hungry and only eat as much as I need to remove the hunger pangs ~ but I just haven't developed that ability yet. So I'm going with this plan. Fortunately, though it includes regular fasting days, it doesn't actually force me to give up any of the foods I enjoy (even the junk food!). It worked for me once; I believe it will work again.

Here's to a skinnier summer than ever before!

Eat watermelon