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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIW: 03.05

Weighing in with Heather & Ash
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Heather & Ash
No change this week.  Which is to be expected.  We had company from Friday afternoon to Monday mid-morning, so instead of three fasting days, two half days, and two normal days, my week consisted of only two fasting days, maybe one half-day (I don't remember how well I did with it ~ if it was actually a half-day or if it kinda morphed into a normal day!), and four normal-ish days.

I've had to rearrange the sequence of my days this week as a result of the interruption in my eating schedule, but by next weigh-in, I will have had a "normal" week.  Which is good.

I also FINALLY got to go for a walk today!  Our winter has been so exceptionally cold this year that I really haven't walked since mid-November when I first wrecked my heels by wearing my old, broken winter boots. Then I couldn't walk comfortably in anything for another two weeks.  By then, the polar vortex had engulfed us.  The one nice 10-day stretch we had in January provided opportunity for me to walk for a week straight, but then it was right back into the deep-freeze and my seasonal job started and I just didn't have opportunity.

But now the pace at work has slowed.  Today is a day off and it was only -15 (5F) first thing this morning with barely a whiff of breeze, the snow gently falling... it was wonderful!  It looks like temperatures are supposed to be much more seasonal and bearable from here on out, and with Daylight Saving Time starting on Sunday and extending our evenings, I won't be able to use darkness as an excuse not to walk anymore.

I'm not losing actual weight as fast as I'd like, but I sure do like how my jeans fit these days ~ even freshly-washed!!

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