Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, wouldja look at that....

Despite the food carnage that was my weekend with the in-laws, I've managed to shed another 1.2 lbs! Yay!!

My goal for the next two weeks is 5 lbs because after that, I will have two weeks where it will be incredibly tough to maintain my weight, let alone continue losing, so I need to "go hard" for the next two weeks. I've even broken out two of my ancient workout videos (remember VHS tapes...?!) ~ The Crunch series' "Fat Burning Pilates" and "Pick Your Spot Pilates." I did two of the "spots" from the latter last night, and the full 40-minute fat-burner this morning. Whew.

My plan is that by the end of summer, I'll actually be able to keep up, complete the work-out with no breaks or cheats, AND never get confused about which direction she's moving. Man, I am so uncoordinated!! I figure I need to commit to something I already have before spending the money on new work-out videos, ie. The 30-Day Shred that everyone's raving wildly about these days. I have a bleak history with any form of exercise other than walking outdoors.

I'm finding though, with this group challenge, that I actually feel like doing an alternative to walking when that's impossible for whatever reason. I kind of enjoyed the extra bit of activity last night and this morning, even though my gut, butt, and thighs feel like jelly now!!




Brooke said...

congrats :)

i've slack off on shredding, but since we haven't turned on our a/c yet its just so blasted hot. i'm hoping to turn it on tonight and be able to shred this weekend.

Mommy Mo said...

Go TAMMI! I have slacked off on the exercising because I was out of town last week. Funny thing is, my body is already sore from caring for my children and carrying the 20lb baby around- I can't imagine how sore I would be if I actually worked out!!!!

Congrats. Lisa

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

Way to go, Tammi!! You're doing a great job. I'm proud of you for dusting off the old VHS workout videos and getting down to business! I think you'll find the soreness is just more motivation!

Good luck this week!

newlyweds said...

Yea on the weight loss. And good for you for breaking out the old videos. I hear you about loving the outdoors I am the same way. But that said I am on day 21 of the shred and totally loving it.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Way to go Tammi!!

I think up going to officially to The Shred Challenge, and post about it every day. Maybe I should start a new blog for that...

april said...

Fantastic job!!

And really, no worries about lunch today!! I know you'll work it off!

Andrea said...

LOVE IT! that video is so great, and i need to do it more often. good for you for digging it back out of the box.

and congrats on the 1.2 pounds!

codeladybug said...

Woot-woot! Go PURPLE! Great job, glad you were able to see a loss with the hectic houseguests achedule.

The jelly feeling means its working! They feel like jelly so they won't look like jelly! LOL!

Keep it up!