Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walk the Talk Tuesday

Friday: Was supposed to be a fasting day. And it was...

...until my daughter left some French Toast Casserole on her plate after lunch. Which burst the dam and led to some mid-afternoon burrito madness. Had no supper, but polished off THREE soft, warm, FRESH-FROM-THE-OVEN garlic breadsticks in the evening. Fortunately, they weren't the biggest ones, but still. The in-laws arrived just after 11 pm, bearing gifts of Tim Hortons donuts and I actually managed to just leave them on the kitchen counter until the next day! One tiny bright spot in an otherwise dismal day. No walk either. Ugh.

Saturday: A donut for breakfast (the in-laws always bring a dozen when they come out for a visit), moderate late brunch (Hearty Breakfast Casserole and Cornmeal Biscuits), delicious grilled marinated steak and Herbed Mashed Potato supper with Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. Ate moderately all day (which impressed me because they were all favourite foods!). Stepped on the scale for a mid-week check and discovered I was only up 0.2 from last weigh-in and since I weigh in in the mornings and this was just before supper, I was pretty happy. Had a brisk 2-mile walk in the afternoon.

Sunday: Caved a little today. It was supposed to be a "half" day, and I did well at breakfast with only a half-slice of toast, but ate normally at lunch ("Mud soup" and the re-heated garlic breadsticks that I pre-made ~ and "sampled" ~ on Friday.) and a little excessively at supper. Because with hotdogs, one must also serve chips. Creamy Dill chips, to be precise. Which we already know are a HUGE weakness of mine!!

Served the rest of the cheesecake later in the evening. Got in a good walk with my mother-in-law in the afternoon though.

Monday: Ugh. It was a liquid day today, but you'd certainly never have known it. I didn't even think twice about it as I got a light breakfast ready for myself, my girls, and my in-laws. Had TWO pieces of toast, which is MORE than I normally have. And then a big fat burrito for lunch mid-afternoon. No walk. Had a BOLOGNA BURGER, of all things, for supper. Accompanied by chips, of course, because there were two already opened bags in the cupboard. I threw in a handful of cucumber slices for good measure.... {sigh}

I SO badly wanted to finish off the bag of Creamy Dill chips in the evening after the girls were in bed, but for once during the fiasco of a day, I stuck to my convictions and folded laundry for the hour I watched TV, and then came here into the office and caught up on business paperwork before going to bed. MAN, I WANTED THOSE CHIPS!!!!

As good as victory feels,
it's amazing how difficult it is
to actually desire it.

So there you have it. A blow-by-blow account. And tomorrow we'll see how it all affected my weight...

S. C. A. R. Y.

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Brooke said...

i'm scared of tomorrow's weigh in too :(