Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walk the Talk Tuesday

Okay, I promise I'll try to keep this a little shorter than last week's report!!

Tuesday: ("half" day) Forty-minute fat-burning workout at 5 am. Slice of toast with margarine and Nutella, one cup of skim milk and two mugs of coffee for breakfast.

Let myself go a little in the afternoon and had some salt & vinegar chips and some iced coffee. Craved a slice of cheddar; had slice of cheddar. Felt gross afterwards.

For supper, had 1 small serving Chicken Pie and 2 good-sized servings of Mandarin Almond Salad, two cups iced tea, and one cup skim milk with one piece of Rice Krispie cake for dessert.

Wednesday: ("liquids" day) Skim milk and coffee for breakfast. One cup V8 Splash for lunch. One tall glass iced tea in the afternoon with my weight loss/Bible study partner, Alicia.

Mowed lawn for an hour. (**Note to self: if you're going to push around a lawn-mower for an hour on a sunny, 30-degree day (86F), you might want to make sure it's a day you've EATEN something. Just a thought...)

Ate WAY too much supper. Had a large helping of leftover chicken pie and TWO pieces of Rice Krispie cake. A tall glass of skim milk with dessert and a tall glass of V8 Splash later in the evening.

RE-E-E-EALLY wanted one of the Mars Bars that's still sitting in the cupboard (I can't believe they've been sitting there UNTOUCHED for a week!!), but was too exhausted to get up off the couch to go get it, so I don't know if that's really a victory or not, but I'll take it!

Thursday: ("normal" day) Well, until the meltown happened, it was normal.

Friday: (fasting day) Nothin' but coffee and water. Finished the lawn-mowing that the storm kept me from yesterday. It was a bit cooler and it only took about 20 minutes, so I didn't have the same problem I did on Wednesday!

Afternoon snack: homemade baked egg McMuffin and two pieces of Rice Krispie cake. Dang it, why should fasting days be any harder than "liquids" days??!! I just don't get it.

Sweated in the garden for about an hour, putting in the tomatoes and jalapenos. (after the little storm blew over, it stayed cloudy, but as soon as I got out there, the sun came out and started beating down again. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got back inside, it clouded over again!!)

Uh-oh, the Bushman brought Chinese food home for supper... Went for a half-hour, 2-mile walk afterwards.

Saturday: ("normal" day) Three TimBits (Tim Horton's donut holes ~ which The Bushman ALSO brought home last night) and coffee with skim milk for breakfast. Leftover Chinese food for lunch. A hotdog and cucumber slices for supper with popcorn for dessert (movie night with the girls) Two-mile, 30-minute walk in the evening.

Sunday: ("half" day) One homemade egg McMuffin for breakfast. Skim milk and coffee, too! Church was up at the lake today with a potluck picnic lunch afterwards ~ had a burger and taco salad. LOTS of ice tea!

Went for a half-hour, 2-mile walk and then had a bowl of "Mud Soup", three small slices of cheddar cheese, a dollop of fat-free sour cream, and two garlic biscuits.

Not my best "half" day!

Monday: ("liquids" day) Ouch. Stepped on the scale this morning to see how things looked. Still UP from last week, dang it. NO CHEATING TODAY ~ and I might be able to pull off a "no change" weigh-in tomorrow. Nuts. Coffee and skim milk for breakfast.

Mowed lawn for an hour and fifteen minutes. That should help!

One cup skim milk and a bowl of hot V8 for lunch. Two bites of a biscuit Fidget left from her lunch. Followed by two homemade egg McMuffins and TWO Mars bars at 2:30. Ugh. Guess I've had my one meal for the day. Man, I am suckin' it up somethin' fierce today! (Good thing there are no more Mars bars left in the house.)

Wow, I SO don't want to admit this. Wasn't going to eat supper because of the afternoon carnage, but ended up eating a bowl of cereal and polishing off the last half-egg McMuffin in the evening. Dang, talk about crashing and burning!

NOT a great week. I'm a little worried the scale will all-too-readily agree tomorrow morning.

Fat Woman 5


Brooke said...

i'm right there with you...i'll be lucky to maintain this week.

Mesha said...

Craved a slice of cheddar; had slice of cheddar. I LOVED THAT. :) My book arrived on Saturday by the way, I just am waiting on my roommate to receive hers now too. :)

Mesha said...

also, thanks for the congrats! I appreciate the encouragment. You keep up the GREAT work you're doing yourself. :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Next week will be better!! I know it!

What kind of herbs and spices do you put in your V8 when you heat it up? I think I might try that one.

Andrea said...

Wow -- if I went by your standards, I'd feel like an incredible failure!! Don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing a great job!!