Monday, June 8, 2009

Walkin' the Talk

Okay. New rule.

Walking in repentance requires accountability. Not just to God, but to anyone who will listen. Or read this blog.

I'm not sure of the psychology behind it all (but I'm sure there is some. Or maybe just psychosis...), but ever since making it to the 15# mark, being recognized for my weight loss efforts over at the Sisterhood, and feeling the approaching end of the Becoming a Woman of Moderation Bible study, I've slacked off.


In a non-spiritual sense, I know I've reached this point before. I get kinda comfy with my current progress and just get lazy. And before I know it, the weight has come back.

But spiritually, I know it was because I started focusing on ME. I know this will always be a temptation because, physically, it IS me doing all the work, turning down all the second helpings, drinking V8 instead of eating lunch, walking and praying when I feel like snacking.... and so on and so forth.

Quite frankly, I DO look and feel better; my pants and underwear are all too big! I've shrunk 2 inches around my bust and waist and 3 around my hips. It IS my effort.

But it is not my strength.

Physically, I don't DESIRE those choices. (You didn't really think that, did you? Have I completely ruined my reputation now?!) I WANT the second helpings, the delicious desserts, and late-night bags of chips. Believe me, I SO want them!! But it is my conscience, the gentle nudgings of the Holy Spirit that actually spur me to action. If there IS any action.

Lately, I've been ignoring those nudgings.

And so, without further adieu, I present to you...

Walk the Talk Tuesdays.

Beginning tomorrow.

In which I will give a daily account of how I ate and exercised over the previous week. The good, the bad, and the ugly (And you KNOW there will be some ugly!), in an effort to prove I'm really actually attempting all the temptation-fighting I write about here!


Brooke said...

accountablity is hard stuff. thanks for opening yourself up to us...

codeladybug said...

Good idea...that comfy spot can be a dangerous place! We'll be sure to pat you on the back just as much as we shake our finger at you! We've all been there.

TammyIsBlessed said...

ooooh, this is pretty daring of you! Way to take accountability to the next level!!