Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm so excited about this new challenge over at the Sisterhood ~ we're kinda doin' a "Biggest Loser" TEAM style! I think this is a great way to light some fires under our butts...

...without having to resort to trash talk!
Well, really nasty trash talk, anyway... ;)

I'm so looking forward to this new dynamic and I think the fact that these other women are essentially perfect strangers puts a little more pressure on MY performance than if we were all good friends.

For myself, anyway, I find it's easier to let my friends down than people I don't know. I guess because friends always tend to be so dang sympathetic and forgiving!! Not that I think I and my teammates WON'T be to each other, but you know what I mean, right? (If not, just smile and nod, okay?!)

Let me introduce you to my wonderful teammates:

The Sisterhood - Team PURPLE!

Tami B.
and the Sisterhood's own *Lissa* !!!
(whoooo also blogs over here).

I'm so excited about this team! We are so totally ready to kick some
non-purple patooty!!!

Look out, all you other teams!! Winky 2

Of course, I better step up my efforts a notch or two if I want to help my team ~ for the first time in 8 weeks, there was no change in my weight from the previous week. I can blame it on my parents being out here last weekend and all the ensuing festivities, but this coming weekend, my in-laws will be here, so without an extra boost of will-power, I can easily foresee a trend beginning here ~ and heading in the wrong direction!!

I'm weighing in today at 166.2 lbs. My goal for this 7-week challenge is another 10 lbs, which would bring me to my lightest ever since sometime in 1997 (the year I got married) and only 11.2 lbs away from my final goal!!

With this Bible study ending on Friday, I'll be revisiting the recommended eating plan and making a few changes, since I still absolutely HATE those "half" days. I think I'll do away with them completely. More on those plans to come.

For now, just know that ~ as a wonderful friend likes to say ~ IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!


Step Aerobics


Brooke said...

congrats on holding steady. at least you're not gaining!

newlyweds said...

Good luck to you!! Though I must say team Gold is going to give you a run for your money!!! But what a challenge, eek!!

Tami said...

Right here with you Tammi!!!
We will so rock this party!

imadramamama said...

Good luck this time around, Tammi!!

Andrea said...

now THAT is an excellent idea! i can see how it would be much more motivating to know that you are at risk of letting your team down.

huh. i might have to start something like this on our street. goodness knows there's enough of us out here who are trying (some more successfully than others) to lose weight too.

*Lissa* said...

We are going to ROCK this challenge! I love our team!

april said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You better look out
TEAM BLACK is coming after YOU.

Good luck!! I know you'll do fabulous this challenge!!

Vickie said...

I get that feeling too, that our butts will be moving in this challenge.

We will see whose team goes down:)

Good luck to you!!

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

I agree wholeheartedly that this challenge will be so very fun and interesting! I'm looking forward to the extra accountability the team aspect has to offer!

Good luck!