Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday: Wrapping up the Challenge!!

This is it! It's over! Another challenge from the Sisterhood is DONE. Man, I can not believe how time flies when you're trying to reach a goal and not succeeding! It's incredible how fast this deadline has approached over the last few weeks.

My goals for this challenge:
  • lose a minimum of 10 lbs.
  • Okay, just be out of the 160's by the end of the challenge.
  • Geez, can you at least TRY to earn your 20# badge, for pete's sake?!
You get the picture?!

Well, I DID managed to at least earn the badge. But only just barely. I'm down only another 0.4 from last week, which means I've lost 20.2 pounds since starting the Becoming a Woman of Moderation Bible study, but only 5.2 of those pounds were now in this Shrinking Days of Summer 7-week challenge.

AND, I have to admit I cheated a bit. I gave myself an extra day this week. Normally, I weigh in on Tuesday mornings, but The Bushman and I went out on a last-minute date on Monday night, so I gave myself all day yesterday to try and shed a few more ounces. Or at least the ones I consumed during Monday supper!!

So I DID earn my 20# badge and I am ALMOST out of the 160's. If I hadn't been quite so easy on myself and allowed so many snacks at the beginning of this week, I probably wouldn't have had to change my final goal for this challenge a third time. I was so unmotivated this time compared to the last challenge!

I'm struggling a lot with complacency right now though (like I mentioned on Monday), and I know it will likely remain an issue until school starts in September and we get into a regular routine again, but I'm hoping to shed another 5 pounds before the girls start school in 7 weeks, so I'll still be working at it, even though I know it'll be hard to care!

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Brooke said...

congrats - 20 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!!

its hard mentally to get past those decade benchmarks. you can and will do it. be proud of how far you've come, but resolve to not stop till you get there!

penguinsandladybugs said...

Congrats!!! WOW!!! 20 pounds is GREAT!!!!! Way to go! I am going on line now to find this Bible Study and start praying for a friend to do it with me!!!!

WriterMarie said...

You are still moving in the right direction, which is what counts. My whole schedule has been thrown for a loop with my son at home all day, but at least we are having some fun. I know you will keep at it and more pounds will disappear! :o)

Christy M. said...

That comment that was deleted was me! SORRY! I was logged in as one of my clients and totally forgot when I commented ;)

Here's what I had to say:

I'm so proud of how well you did during this challenge. I know it's no fun to adjust your goals, but we've all had to do it! The good thing is that you're SHRINKING! You're looking better, feeling better, eating better, and you're moving in the RIGHT direction!!!

I'm proud of you!!!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

20lbs girl! Way to go! Sometimes slow and steady wins the race too - you can do it.

Vickie said...

I want to say thanks for your comment last week. Sorry it took me a while to comment. I needed to just step a way from stuff.

20 pounds is so awesome!! The 5 or so pounds you lost during the last challenge is not to shabby, not shabby at all!

You are doing a fantastic job!