Monday, July 20, 2009

The Annoying Side of Contentment

I hate plateau-ing.

I know it happens for natural reasons. Those plateaus I can tolerate. Mostly because I know how to handle them and how to break out of them.

But then there are the other kind...

The kind that happen for emotional/mental reasons. Like the kind that says, "Hey, you've done great, sweetie. You're down from a tight size 17/18 to a comfortable 13/14 and people are noticing how awesome you look. Do you really want to bother killing yourself to lose another 15-18 lbs when you already look so much better than you did before?"

THERE! Right there, that last question. THAT'S the annoying plateau reason.

But you know the biggest reason that it's annoying? Because it's MY reason for not really achieving much in the weight loss department lately, dang it. I could handle it a lot better if it was happening to someone else! I'd probably even have great advice ~ or at least an opinion. But now? Not.

I HATE that I'm letting my own vanity become a stumbling block on this journey. While I certainly enjoy being smaller, I kinda don't like that I'm "feelin' fine" rather than still feeling like a buffalo butt. I sorta wish I couldn't see a difference in the mirror yet.

When I felt like a lard-a$$, I worked hard. I was motivated. Now that so many people have told me how great I look, I've kinda lost my motivation. I can easily see myself being content to stay here, hovering around 160 lbs, rather than struggling further to reach my goal of 145.

Someone call me a rude name, for pete's sake! Something to light a fire under my butt again.

I know how to push past a plateau that's occuring for physical reasons. I know you need to shake things up a bit, try a new routine, or a new eating plan. But how on earth do you break out of a plateau caused by laziness masquerading as contentment??!!


Brooke said...

no clue - cause i'm there!

and i'd feel horrible if i called you a name. but i'll leave you with what i see when i look at myself.

seriously, fat on calves? i'm gonna throw up now. next stop cankles!

Mesha said...

"I kinda don't like that I'm "feelin' fine" rather than still feeling like a buffalo butt"

- I completely understand that feeling, even though I'm double your weight. A guy asked for my number at the gym yesterday and I ate HORRIBLE that night. I have been overweight my entire life and attention like that scares me because I don't know that I trust myself enough to be confident in my reactions. *sigh*


well, i wont call you a name because I don't think one needs to be are doing great...


(seriously, you had to know there would be a BUT in there...haha)

don't settle for less. I said in a post awhile back that we don't "meet the standard...we RAISE the standard..." do that in your weight loss. This isn't about the looks other people are giving you or the compliments you may receive that make you feel "content..." go back to those original reasons for wanting to lose weight and reach this goal you've set for yourself, I'm sure you've written them down. I know they are at least written in your mind. Do you really wanna sell yourself short of that?


"You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?" (Gal 5:7)




Don't be your own "bad company." Don't be your own "worst enemy." Don't be your own "enabler."

BE A CONQUEROR...(now I promised I wouldn't call you a name BUT I hope what I did do wasn't too harsh.)