Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well, this was NOT the result I was hoping for.

I was really hoping for a 3-pound loss from my last weigh-in (July 1), and I thought I'd actually come closer than this. I behaved myself during the week at my parents' and have really only had what I would call a BAD DAY about three times over the last two weeks.

But, when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, all I got was a measely 0.4 loss. It's still a loss and I'm fairly sure it would have been more if I wasn't due for "that time of the month" in a day or two. But still. I was definitely hoping for better.

I'm looking forward to next week's weigh-in (the LAST one in this challenge!!!) though, once all this bloaty weight is gone!

The Sisterhood - Team PURPLE!


codeladybug said...

Sorry it was what you were looking for but at least it's not a gain. Hope the lbs drop off next week for you Tammi! Sounds like you stayed accountable while away from home, your body just wasn't ready to let go of any of it yet.


Brooke said...

you should be proud - you were away from home and away from your routine and still managed to lose! :) good job.

Christy M. said...

Great job, Tammi! Really!! I'm sure you'll have a much better loss next week!

Hugs :)

WriterMarie said...

That time of the month always messes with me too. Kudos for still registering a loss on the scale! :o)

april said...

Oh, I so know what it feels like to expect more out of the week, you step on the scales and then loss very little. It almost hurts. But in those times you have to keep in mind how far you've come and be proud of that. And you know you'll do better next week!

Good luck!

Mesha said...

hey, we celebrate losses, ALL losses don't we. Way to go on your loss, it's moving in the right direction.