Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow, I can't believe four weeks have gone by since we started this Bible study! Four weeks today since my friends and I decided to try a different approach to weight loss, to see if we could indeed become women of moderation, pursuing a deeper relationship with God and seeking His wisdom, tapping into His unmeasurable strength to help us change our ways.

In the weight-loss category, clearly it's been working. Sometimes slower than we'd like, but still working. It's so hard to stay realistic when you have a couple of weeks where the pounds seem to just be melting off! It's easy to look at those first couple of weeks and re-adjust our goals with the anticipation that that pace will continue for at least another few weeks...

But then it doesn't, of course, and our first reaction is disappointment and a desire to give up. I mean, why bother if I can't lose at least 3 pounds a week for at least two months? We know it's ridiculous to think that way, and yet, we still do. It's the way we've conditioned ourselves and it's the way our society works ~ we're all about the quick fix. Instant gratification.

We borrow money ~ often from credit card companies at ludicrous interest rates ~ when we desire to purchase something that we don't have the cash for. We fill our fridges and our pantries with "instant" foods. We watch TV "on demand."

And we expect to lose weight on demand, too. The number of weight-loss "systems," medications, and surgeries out there is proof of this. Overwhelming proof. And all because we're generally not willing to put in THE TIME to actually retrain ourselves. All because we're really only treating a symptom of a much more serious problem ~ a focus on indulging in physical pleasure rather than seeking God.

We KNOW the instant fixes are usually only temporary. How many of us have tried numerous times in the past to lose weight? And we enjoy incredible results in a short time ~ but then it all comes back again because the progress slowed and we gave up.

For me, these last four weeks have been not only about weight loss, but about AGGRESSIVELY pursuing a more godly life. I want my love for God and the in-dwelling of His Holy Spirit to be evident in my life, and especially as I face temptation.

I know I will fail from time to time.

I did yesterday when my husband took me out for lunch to an "all-you-can-eat" Mother's Day Chinese food buffet. I mean, come on, we're not being good stewards of money if we're paying for "all you can eat" but only eating half what we normally would, right? (Wow, it's incredible how easy it is to joke about gluttony!!!)

I know I won't always see the results I'm hoping for ~ even when I KNOW I've been a "good" girl all week. But as long as I keep my focus on HIM and not my waistline, I will repent and be forgiven for my failures.

"Forgetting the mistakes I've made and the times I've failed; remembering the promises I've made and the lessons I've learned ~ no matter how many times I have to re-start ~ I press on toward the goal!!" (my paraphrased version of Philippians 3:13b-14a.)

I WILL eventually have success. LASTING success.

And I'm so looking forward to the second half of this study!

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Kate said...

Good luck in the 2nd half of your journey! When we are not on such a strict budget I think I am going to pick up this study.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Ok so guess what?? Today I started this!! =) I watched you all doing this and was desperate to jump on board but wanted to read through the book first. So I ordered it and the Lord said DO IT. It's been a hard #1 and I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like. =)

Kate...if you read this, I went on and got the book for around $5.

Brooke said...

why is it, that we have a hard time understanding what hard work life is? and even sometimes when we're working hard it doesn't pay off.

one thing i've learned this week is that 1600 calories is a lot of food. so how do i struggle sometimes to not eat 2000??

Andrea said...

I have to constantly keep reminding myself too that the weight won't come off overnight. It took several years for me to put it on, so now I need to do the work to get it all off.