Friday, May 29, 2009

Goin' out with a BANG!

Wow, there's nothing like making things tough on yourself.

With only one week of this Bible study left, I've got company coming ~ this weekend AND next weekend.

The kind of company that brings snacks and goodies and treats....

...and DONUTS.

The kind of company that is celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary this Sunday and whom I'm throwing a party for and making this VERY SINFUL cake.

Methinks my scale may not necessarily make any POSITIVE moves for the next two weeks!

I've been really good this week, but I dunno... Seven of the next 11 days will present MORE than their fair share of challenges in the eating department!

Wish me luck!

Eating Pie


Brooke said...

i'm sure you'll be able to control yourself just fine...i've got two birthday parties this weekend that i'm worried about

Andrea said...

YIKES!! Thoughts of good luck being sent your way!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Wpw - good luck with allll THAT!

OK, I know, I should be more encouraging.

I know you can do! Maybe decide ahead of time how many cheats you will allow yourself, maybe that'll help to keep it under control?