Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Confessions

Moderation, shmoderation...
I totally tanked last night!!

I did SO well all day long, and even though I had a small second helping of mashed potatoes (with fat-free sour cream and Steakhouse Pepper seasoning blend) at supper, it was my habitual first-night-hubby's-not-home bingeing that was my complete undoing.

I sensed I'd have problems already earlier in the day when my friend was over in the afternoon and I confessed to her that I'd had the "I'm gonna snack as soon as she's gone" impulse briefly flash through my brain.

I didn't snack when she left. I didn't snack while making supper. I ate a balanced, reasonable supper.

But all the while, I couldn't push the knowledge out of my mind that there was an open bag of Creamy Dill chips in the cupboard. (Hmmmm, could this be why the book says to RID YOUR HOUSE OF ALL BOOBY TRAPS??!!)

The chips pulled me in with an iron grip and I KNEW I should walk away and open my Bible. But I didn't. Even before I succumbed, I was hating myself.

I felt so gross halfway through the snack ~ you'd think that would have stopped me. But no, I forged ahead and forced every last morsel down my gullet. I was past the point of no return, and all the while hating myself for letting myself down. For failing to keep a promise I made to God and to myself in the morning.

This morning, I still feel disgusting. And disgusted. Blegch.

BUT, on a positive note....

I've now rid my home of the only snack I absolutely can't resist!!


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Mama Bear June said...

Ouch! Sorry you had the stumble. Good for you, getting rid of the temptation. I can't do that because I have underweight kids that need high calorie foods. So it's challenging to have the stuff in the house, but I was determined when I started the Flat Belly Diet and have been doing a pretty good job of staying away from the fatty stuff. Certain times of the month are harder than others! ;-)
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