Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 1 ~ End-of-Day Evaluation

Oops. Had a little chips-and-pop mishap already this evening.

My husband asked me how this figured into my new diet and I said, "The book doesn't actually say anything about snacks." I just assumed they followed the plan just like the other meals.

Except I forgot about the section at the beginning of the book that says to RID YOUR HOUSE OF BOOBY TRAPS.

On Sunday night when I met with my "in real life" (IRL) friend who's going through this study with me, we'd decided together that promptly ridding our homes of snack foods would be met with extreme resistance (and outright pouting, whining, and fisticuffs), so we would leave the snacks in the cupboards and just try desperately to avoid partaking despite the snacking habits of our loved ones.

Huh. You can see how well that worked out for me!! It's DAY ONE, for pete's sake!!

BUT, I was still victorious today. I did NOT eat anything until supper time (it was a "liquids day")and I ate less than I normally would have, but felt quite full. Afterwards, I went for my 2-mile walk and recited the memory verse for this week several times and spent most of the half-hour walk talking with God. Yes, I snacked this evening, but only one can of pop and only one cereal bowl filled with chips. Which is significantly less chips than normal.

Tomorrow is a "half day," meaning I can eat what I normally would, just only HALF the amount. Could be tricky in the afternoons, since I often don't really have lunch but kinda snack for a couple of hours!


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Susanne said...

You're doing GREAT!! I forgot to mention that when I started back in Feb, my first "homework" assignment was to "cleanse" my pantry. ;-) (Which is REALLY hard when you have three kids who like after-school snacks). But in the end, I've learned to be creative. Instead of chips or cookies, the kids now snack on applesauce, pudding cups, graham crackers, or string cheese. I love how this study is not just helping ME, but overflowing into the health and well being of my family!!