Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIW: That's more like it!!

Weighing in with Heather & Ash
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Heather & Ash
Woo-hoo, after three weeks of effort, I'm finally down a bit! 1.8 pounds!!

I've persevered, despite being {this close} to giving up a week ago.  The Man and I are both kinda working at this weight loss thing and he's had more success since Christmas than I have, despite the fact that I've been fairly well disciplined.  I was angry and frustrated.

It didn't help that The Man spouted weight-loss platitudes at me over breakfast either...

I ALMOST binged.

But I didn't.  Even though I was home alone all day that day.

Instead, I determined to use the frustration and discouragement to fuel my resolve to work harder.  And despite having company on the weekend, I stuck to my eating plan.  It's tough having a half day when you've got company and there's more food than usual, but I did it.  It's even tougher to have a fasting day when you've got company... but I did it!!  Fortunately, it only involved one breakfast and that was on Monday when we were all getting ready to head off to work and to school and our guests were heading home, so it was easy to just appear too busy to eat!

And then on Monday night, when packing yesterday's lunch, I forgot I was supposed to be planning for a half day.  As I opened up my lunch, I came close to deciding just to eat everything I packed ~ which wasn't excessive by any means, but still more than a half meal ~ but resolutely put it back in my lunchbag half eaten.  And you know what?  That was a very satisfying feeling.  I look forward to feeling it more often.

How did you do this week?


Ash Z said...

Love that saying on the bottom!

Great loss for the week - don't give up just keep going and results will come.

Thanks for linking up!

Stephanie Marie said...

I agree with Ash, thats a great saying. Good job on staying strong and the weight loss!