Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday ~ tammi

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Up another pound. I just can't seem to get my head in the game.

Actually, I think I would have done well if I hadn't had a feeling-sorry-for-myself-because-my-hubby-had-to-leave-for-the-week-again chocolate chip cookie binge the night before weigh-in. Tuesday to Saturday was really good, but Saturday night to Monday night were NOT. I'm pretty sure my stomach groaned a few times in there, but no growling!

Only one successful liquids/fasting day, but TWICE as much exercise as my goal for the week (only because hubby was still home longer than we expected and didn't leave until Monday night, making it possible for me to walk every day. But hey, I'll take it!), and mastery of Week 2 of the 100 Pushups, 200 SitUps, and 200 Squats challenges. I ''girlified" the pushups because my lower back was complaining ~ hubby says I'm obviously doing them wrong (and I'm not arguing), but if I continue to do them the manly way, I'm far more likely to just give up.

My plan for this last week was:
  • remember to make sure my stomach growls at least twice a day llll lll
  • complete week 2 of the 100/200/200 challenge done
  • two successful fasting/liquids days l
  • at least 3 walks or 30-minute workouts llll l (all walks ~ no surprise there, really!)
So with those goals, I'm fairly satisfied with how I did, but I'm still having a lot of trouble controlling my snack cravings. There seems to be no happy medium ~ if I allow ANYTHING, I binge till I feel sick.

Thanks, by the way, for all the Skinny Cow recommendations last week, but I really don't care for ice cream! (I know, call me crazy.) I prefer salty/savory snacks, so I guess I might need to start buying the 100 calorie chips bags. Not only are they salty instead of sweet, but because they don't melt, I can make each snack last longer! (theoretically...)

Dang it, I wanted to avoid paying extra for pre-portioned snacks, but it looks like I don't have the will-power right now to do it any other way. So I'll add those to my grocery list and other than that, I think I'll continue working on the same goals as last week ~ except week THREE of the 100/200/200 challenge, of course!


Brooke said...

could you preportion baggies yourself as soon as you get home from the store? then reaching for that 2nd ziplock would be no different from reaching for that 2nd 100 calorie pack.

Heather D said...

If you like salty, I'd try lightly salted edamame - in the shell - it's more work ;)
Even though the scale isn't reflecting it, you STILL are establishing some healhty habits, and that's important!
And as for the snacking, girl, that's my achilles heel too! Last night it was getting really difficult, so I just went to bed. Sometimes just removing yourself from the situation helps! :)
Sorry for the novel! Keep on trucking.

Karena said...

I feel your pain -- I'm a snack-oholic too. It's always in the evenings for me, so I'm making a concentrated effort this week to replace that habit with another. Hopefully something that will keep my hands too occupied to reach for a snack!

AnnG said...

Tammie, snacking is a difficult one to deal with. I know that you can do it though...cuz you have all of us from the Sisterhood to help you!!

Andrea said...

Can I make a suggestion? I know a couple of weeks ago, your rules included things like "no desserts -- no matter what." In my experience, it is when I put something entirely off-limits where I will be more likely to binge. Whereas if I allow myself everything -- in moderation, of course -- it seems a lot simpler to control. You always want what you can't have right?

Diane said...

Like a PP said, you may not be completely reflecting the changes you are making on the scale but you are making changes elsewhere. Today starts a new day! Don't beat yourself up too much! Dust yourself off and full steam ahead on a new week!
LOL Ok so that was a little bit too cliche but you get the point.

Christie O. said...

Yes, you pinpointed your one problem (snacking) but you have a lot of non-scale victories in there! all in all, you're changing habits daily by adding exercise consistently and by eating well on most days. that's a really big deal and you should be proud of it! This is all about the babysteps, girl. You're still on your way. xo

Daenel said...

Hey, just wanted to encourage you to keep pushing forward. Keep exercising when you can and work on portion control. Instead of telling yourself "No" how about eating smaller portions? Denying yourself may be making things harder.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way with snacking. It's all or nothing and I can't stand it!

Good luck this week. You can do this, Tammi. I know you can.