Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Progress Report

100/200/200: 15 min
(Week 3/Day 1)
Breakfast: 1 homemade Egg McMuffin, coffee w/skim milk
Mid-Morning: 1 mug hot cocoa (made w/skim milk)
Lunch: small serving leftover Garlic Salmon Linguine, 1 chocolate chip cookie
Afternoon: 2 toasted English muffins w/margarine, 2 c. skim milk, 3 chocolate chip cookies. Ugh, nothin' even remotely "moderate" about today!
Supper: 1 serving Baked Ham & Cheese Omelet Roll, 1 slice toast w/margarine & honey, 1 c. skim milk, 1/3 apple, 1/3 large orange
Evening: BAD, BAD, BAD. Today was a BAD day!!!

Breakfast: 1/2 c. skim milk, coffee
Lunch: 1-1/4 c. chicken noodle soup, 8 soda crackers, 1 c. skim milk
Afternoon: 3 more soda crackers
Supper: 6 chicken nuggets w/bbq sauce

Today was a crappy day ~ in more ways than one! :( My 8-yr old was up every 10-20 minutes to use the bathroom from about 4:30am on, and since our bedroom is right next to the bathroom, I didn't get much sleep after that either. Spent the morning at the hospital getting her checked out since this had been going on since Monday. Came home and was basically brain-dead by then. Zombied for the rest of the day.

Breakfast: coffee w/skim milk, 2 slices toast w/margarine & honey
Mid-morning: 1 mug skim milk hot cocoa
Lunch: 1-1/2 c. Creamy Wild Rice Soup, 2 soda crackers
Supper: 1 serving Tomato-Herbed Pork Chops, 1 small serving onion rice, handful raw baby carrots
Evening: 1 large whole wheat tortilla w/peanut butter & honey, 1 c. skim milk
100/200/200: 17 min
(Week 3/day 2. This is definitely getting challenging!)

Breakfast: 1 slice toast w/margarine & honey, coffee w/skim milk, 1/2 c. apple juice
Lunch: Chicken Fajita Caesar Salad, garlic breadsticks w/dill dipping sauce, large ice tea (took my poor 8-yr old out for lunch after running errands because she's STILL not back to school and missed a rather special event this morning. Feeling fine, acting fine, but still needing a few too many sudden bathroom breaks to really make school possible.)
Afternoon: 1/3 slice of toast w/peanut butter & honey (leftover from Fidget's breakfast!)
Supper: 1 moderate serving Italian Sauced Chicken over Pasta, 1 large helping cucumber salad, 1 c. skim milk, 4 TimBits

Breakfast: 2 pancakes w/margarine & syrup, 1 c. skim milk, coffee
3 miles: 55 min
Lunch: 1/2 leftover pancake w/syrup, 1/2 c. apple juice
Afternoon: 4 heaping tablespoons cottage cheese, handful apple and orange slices, few Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces leftover from one kid's snack
Supper: 1 hamburger, 1 small helping fries, 1 c. leftover cucumber salad, 1 tall glass ice tea
Evening: 1 mug tea w/honey

Breakfast: 1/2 serving Baked Ham & Cheese Omelet Roll, 1 slice toast w/margarine & jam, 1/2 c. apple juice, 1/2 c. skim milk
Lunch: 1 serving Italian Sauced Chicken over Pasta, 1 c. ice tea
2 miles: 35 min
Supper: 1 chicken & cheese quesadilla (made w/one large whole wheat tortilla), guacamole, salsa, fat-free sour cream, refried beans, large handful nacho chips, 1 can Coke, 1-1/2 c. ice tea

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast w/honey, 1 c. skim milk, coffee
3 miles: 60 min
Lunch: 1 leftover hamburger, a few fries, large handful nacho chips, 1/2 c. ice tea
Afternoon "tea" with the girls: 1/2 c. skim milk, 1 Valetine's mini-cupcake (with just as much icing as cake!), 1 hard candy (while I was making supper)
Supper: 1 serving Hamburger Noodle Stroganoff, generous serving cooked peas & carrots
Evening: 1 mug tea w/honey

This week was rough. Even today, my daughter is still not fully herself (though I sent her back to school yesterday and there's been a drastic improvement over the number of required bathroom breaks ~Praise God!) and I have to confess, the worry has been a huge problem for me. Unfortunately, I think I've passed along to her my talent for almost literally worrying myself sick and over the weekend, hubby and I started to wonder if the reasons her recovery was taking so long were largely anxiety-related. Which makes me feel even worse....

Anyway, a VERY stressful week ~ one I'm hoping to never repeat. I'm hoping for a significantly better week next week! (although it would be tough to beat this week as far as evening snacking is concerned ~ woo-hoo!!)

Total exercise time: 3 hrs, 2 min (avg: 26 min/day)
Average Exercise Level: Moderate


Brooke said...

worry is a family trait with us too. I'm doing a Beth Moore study where she said you can't change your past - you can just change your family tree starting now.

not having kids seems like the easiest way for me to stop it - but since that's not an option for you, its definitely something to pray about

Andrea said...

Oh, I know all about the worry-ing thing!

But YAY FOR YOU for conquering the evening snacking thing this week!