Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Walk the Talk Tuesday

Tuesday (half)
Breakfast: small piece of toast w/margarine & Nutella, 1 c. skim milk (most in my coffee)
Lunch: small serving (probably only 2/3 c.) leftover Hamburger Stroganoff w/veggies & spaghetti, 1 c. ice tea, 1 small piece Fudge Nut Bars

2.75 miles: 45 min
(walked today)

Supper: half-serving leftover Jalapeno Corn Bake, 1/2 c. Salsa Rice, 1 c. cooked broccoli, 1 c. ice tea

Kindergarten Family Gym Night: 60 min
(OH. MY. GOODNESS. Playing kindergarten games LIKE a 5-yr old is a WAY harder workout than jogging!!!)

Evening: 1 pear, 1 mug unsweetened green tea

Pretty excited about how the day went today!!

Wednesday (liquids)
Breakfast: 1 c. skim milk (half of it in my coffee)
Late Lunch: 1 c. hot V8
Afternoon: 1 mug green tea w/honey
Before Supper: 2 small Ritz cracker & cheese "sandwiches" ~ leftover from Peanut's lunchbag
Supper: 1 serving leftover Herbed Mashed Potatoes, chunk leftover BBQ Steak (from when the in-laws were out and provided steaks for hubby's birthday supper; probably about 5 ozs) w/prepared horseradish, 1 large helping Cheesy Zucchini (made w/lite cheddar)
Evening: 1 c. skim milk, two large pieces Fudge Nut Bars, 1 mug green tea w/honey

Breakfast: 1 slice toast w/margarine & honey, 1 c. skim milk (most in my coffee)
Lunch: the last small piece of leftover steak and about 1 c. leftover mashed potatoes from last night's supper, 2 small pieces Fudge Nut Bars

hauled a wheelbarrow load of wood into the basement: 10 minutes
(6 trips into the basement with an armload of wood)
2.25 miles: 35 min
(walked again; quads and glutes still rather stiff from Tuesday night!)

5 chicken nuggets, handful curly fries, 1 small piece Fudge Nuts Bars (man, I have got to get that stuff off the kitchen counter!!!), 1/3 bag of lite, butter-flavoured microwave popcorn

(normal ~ switched with Saturday)
Breakfast: 2 toasted English muffins w/margarine, 1-1/2 c. skim milk (some in my coffee)
Lunch: 2 Pizza Pops, 2 pieces Fudge Nut Bars

cleaned up remaining leaf piles and dismantled trampoline: 70 min
(light to moderate activity)

...and then things REALLY fell apart ~ eating-wise, exercise-wise AND reporting-wise! Hubby came home after being gone since Sunday afternoon and I'll admit, the remaining days this week did NOT follow the eating plan. Not even remotely. Even the man commented on that last night, much to my annoyance!

As of tonight or tomorrow, he'll be gone for 10 days, and that always makes it either easier or harder to stick with the plan. I don't seem to be able to maintain my plan while he's around and yet I never lose control in the evenings if he's home the way I sometimes do when I'm alone. Since I completely disregarded my plan with him home now the last three days, I'm hoping that means it'll be easier while he's gone!

Total exercise time: 3 hrs, 40 min (avg: 31 min/day)
Average Exercise Level: Moderate
Total distance travelled: approx 13 mi/20.9 km

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Brooke said...

why does the holiday season make it that much harder to stay on track?

maybe the upside of him being gone will be a more focused schedule for you