Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Walk the Talk Tuesday

Wow, y'all just have NO IDEA how badly I'd like to just pretend this week didn't happen!!

Tuesday (half day)
Breakfast: coffee, 1 c. skim milk (some in the coffee), 1/2 slice toast w/margarine & Nutella

2.25 miles: 45 min

Lunch: 1/2 c. Lemon Chicken & Rice Soup, 1/2 ham sandwich w/half a slice of processed cheese, mustard & margarine
Afternoon: two handfuls assorted jelly beans, candy corn, etc.
Supper: nacho chips and homemade guacamole
Evening: more nacho chips w/guacamole. And some halloween chocolates. And then some more. And then some toasted pumpkin seeds. And then another chocolate. And another...

Ugh. Today. I. was. HORRIBLE!!!!!! Fortunately, weigh-in was first thing in the morning before the madness began. But still. Even if tomorrow wasn't a liquids day, I'd be tempted to punish myself by enforcing a fast.

Wednesday (liquids day)
Morning: coffee w/skim milk
2.25 miles: 35 min
(jogged and walked half-mile intervals)

Afternoon: 1-1/2 c. unsweetened apple juice, large mug ginger peach tea w/honey, 1 mug Chai tea w/skim milk & honey
Supper: 1 c. Multi-bean soup, 2 cheddar drop biscuits w/margarine, 1 c. iced tea
Evening: Blew it again. Halloween chocolates, 1 can Coke, and crackers w/swiss and cheddar cheese. This always happens when hubby has to leave for the night. I am so unimpressed with myself.

Thursday (normal)
2.25 miles: 40 min

Breakfast: 1 Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin w/margarine, 1/2 c. skim milk (all in my coffee ~ I had lots of coffee this morning!)
Early Lunch: 1 mug hot chocolate milk, 2 leftover garlic cheese biscuits from last night's supper
Afternoon: 1 serving Spaghetti w/Tuna & Lemon, 1 garlic cheese biscuit, 1 c. apple juice
Supper: 1 serving Shepherd's Pie, 1 serving Taco Chip Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheddar, crushed nacho chips, dressing: half and half lite Miracle Whip and Calorie-Wise Sundried Tomato & Oregano dressing)
Evening: Wow, I'm not even going to detail what I ate. Suffice it to say, it was a binge of epic proportions.

I'm expecting "that time of the month" this weekend and every now and again, I've discovered this makes me eat uncontrollably. I seriously feel like I MUST stuff myself. It doesn't happen every month, but I've definitely noticed a bit of a pattern.

Friday (fasting)
Breakfast: 1 small bowl Corn Flakes w/a skim milk and a bit of brown sugar, 1 c. apple juice, coffee w/skim milk
Lunch: 1 peanut butter & Nutella tortilla roll-up sandwich, 1 c. skim milk
Supper: 1 serving ham fried rice, 1 large serving Japanese coleslaw, 2 egg rolls w/plum sauce, 2 c. iced tea, 1 halloween chocolate

Saturday (normal)
Brunch: 1 Brunch Enchilada, 1 large cornmeal muffin, coffee w/skim milk, 1 c. V8 Splash, 1 serving EACH orange and apple slices
Snack: 1 cinnamon roll, 2 slices cheddar, 1/2 c. skim milk

2.25 miles: 30 min
(jogged 3/4 in four intervals)

Supper: 1/2 large barbecued pork chop, 1 large serving Herbed Mashed Potatoes, 1 large serving cooked carrots w/honey & ginger, 2 c. iced tea, 1 serving Gingerbread Cake w/Caramel Cream frosting, 1 c. skim milk

Sunday (half)
Breakfast: 1 bowl Corn Flakes w/skim milk, 1 c. V8 Splash, coffee w/skim milk
Lunch: 1 small slice bread w/margarine, 3 slices cheddar, 6 soda crackers, 1 c. Lemon Chicken Soup, handful mini chocolate bars

2.25 miles: 40 min


Supper: 1 large serving Cordon Bleu Casserole Supreme, 1 serving steamed broccoli, 1 c. iced tea
Evening: chocolate covered almonds, 1 can pop

Monday (liquids)
Breakfast: coffee w/skim milk, 1 c. V8 Splash
Lunch: 1 Brunch Enchilada, pickles, 1/2 slice toast w/margarine & Nutella, 1 slice toast w/margarine & jam, 1 c. iced tea
Afternoon: 1 mug tea w/honey

2.25 miles: 30 min

(jogged 3/4 in four intervals)

Supper: 1 c. hot V8 w/swiss cheese, soda crackers, and a slice of rye bread w/margarine, 1/2 c. V8 Splash
Evening: Well, let's just say, "par for the course."

Wow. I think the scale is going to run and hide when it sees me come into the bathroom tomorrow morning... This was NOT a good week.

Total exercise time: 3 hrs, 40 min (avg: 31 min/day)
Average Exercise Level: Moderate to difficult
Total distance travelled: 13.5 mi/21.7 km


~Mendie~ said...

Guacamole is the devil....but i Love it so!

I'm with you on the binging....it hasn't been good at my house either. All we can do is start over and remind ourselves how bad we feel when we fall so hard and don't get back up right away.

I'm with ya on this one girl...let's keep each other on the straight and narrow!

Brooke said...

it looks like you're doing well on the exercise front though!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I've totally been overdoing it on the Halloween chocolates too. Ugh.