Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The return of Tammi's "Walk the Talk Tuesdays"

Tuesday (half day)
Breakfast: coffee, 1 c. skim milk
Mid-morning: 1/2 slice toast w/margarine

2.25 miles: 30 min
(walked 0.125, jogged 0.5, walked 0.25, jogged 0.5, walked 0.25, jogged 0.5, walked 0.125)

1/2 c. Creamy Wild Rice Soup
Afternoon: 1 large mug green tea w/1 tsp. honey
Supper: 1 small helping Beefy Jalapeno Corn Bake, 1/3 c. Salsa Rice, 1 large helping Cucumber Salad, 1 c. pink lemonade, 1 slice Chocolate Cream Pie (1/8 of a 9" deep dish pie ~ I made way too much on the weekend and now we've got this problem of having to eat it because it doesn't freeze well!) 1 c. skim milk
Evening: 1 individual Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and 1 mini Oh Henry bar

Okay, the "half" day kinda fell apart when we'd finished supper. We really do need to finish the pies (I've got a whole pumpkin pie in the fridge yet, too!) because ain't NO WAY I'm lettin' that Chocolate Cream go bad!!!!!! My stomach was growling later in the evening, so that's how I justified the two small halloween chocolates. I know, I know, I didn't follow the rules. I guarantee you I ate less than I have been, but definitely still more than half. It'll take me a while to get my head back into this, I think.

Wednesday (liquids day)
Breakfast: 1 c. skim milk, some of it in the coffee
Lunch: 1 c. hot V8 (w/a few seasonings and spices; eaten like tomato soup), 1 c. V8 splash
Afternoon: 1 large mug green tea w/1 tsp. honey
Supper: 1 serving Sunday Brunch Casserole, 1 slice Chocolate Cream Pie w/whipping cream, 1 c. skim milk (everyone else had just chocolate pie or pumpkin pie, but because I hadn't eaten all day, I wanted something other than just pie. I know, it's a weird meal, but, well, you can read about it here.)
Evening: 1/3 bag low-fat, butter-flavoured microwave popcorn (stomach started grumbling around 8-ish ~ it's amazing how quickly one feels full after not eating all day, but how quickly the hunger returns!)

Thursday ("normal" day)
Breakfast: 1 small-ish slice toast (it was the crust, so it was a bit smaller than a full-size slice) w/margarine & Nutella, 1 c. skim milk, coffee

2.25 miles: 30 min

(four reps of jogging 3/8-mile, walking 1/8-mile with 1/8-mile warm-up/cool-down walk at each end)

1 banana
Lunch: 1 large serving Thanksgiving in a Pan (made with double gravy and a layer of mashed potatoes), 1 c. V8 Splash, 1 small piece Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake w/whipping cream
Afternoon tea: large mug tea w/1 tsp. honey, probably 2 servings of fresh fruit ~ cantaloupe, oranges, and apples.
Supper: small helping One Pot Ham Dinner, 1 large helping tossed salad w/Thousand Island dressing, 1 piece chocolate cream pie w/whipping cream, 1 c. skim milk
Evening: too many nacho chips w/salsa, 8 mini chocolate bars. UGH.

Friday (liquids day)
Breakfast: 1 c. skim milk, some of that in my coffee
Lunch: 1 c. hot V8

3.25 miles: 60 min

(walked today)

1 c. V8 Splash
Supper: small serving barbecued chicken, 2 helpings scalloped potatoes, 2 servings cooked corn, raw carrot sticks and tomato slices, TWO slices of bread w/margarine, small helping apple crisp w/vanilla ice cream, coffee w/2% milk

We were invited over to the pastor's home for supper and I was FAMISHED!!!! Despite the large supper I ate, my stomach started howling again around 9:30, shortly after we got home, and I ended up having two handfuls of soda crackers and a glass of skim milk yet before going to bed! Amazingly, my Saturday morning weight was unchanged from my weigh-in weight.

Saturday (normal day)
Breakfast: 1 c. skim milk (some in my coffee), 2 pancakes w/margarine and syrup

4.25 miles: 60 min

(jogging and walking in half-mile repetitions, with a 1/8-mi warm-up/cool-down walk at each end)

1-1/2 servings Sunday Brunch Casserole, 1 c. V8 Splash
Supper: A&W onion rings, Teen Burger, 3/4 large root beer, 5 halloween chocolates, 1 c. skim milk

Ugh. WAY too many of the wrong kinds of rewards today!!

Sunday (half day)
Breakfast: 1/2 piece toast w/margarine & saskatoon jam, LOTS of coffee w/skim milk
Lunch: 1 bowl hot V8, 1 cheese toast, 2 small slices cheese (while I was making lunch), 3 soda crackers, 1/2 c. skim milk, 1 Oreo cookie

3.25 miles: 55 min


1/2 bun w/margarine, 2 slices cheddar, a bunch of pickles, 1 small bowl of cherry preserves, several chunks of canteloupe
Evening: 1 mug peppermint green tea w/honey

Well, I don't like half days any more than the first time I went through this, but despite my dismal failure at lunch, the other two meals were definitely HALFERS!! I had to go to bed early to keep from eating in the evening.

Monday (liquids day)
Breakfast: coffee and 1 c. skim milk, 1 c. V8 Splash

2.25 miles: 40 min

(jogged a combined total of 1.25 miles in 4 intervals, walked the rest)

Late Lunch:
1-1/2 c. hot V8, 1 c. V8 Splash
Afternoon Tea: 1 mug unsweetened green tea, 3 bite-sized pieces of celery w/peanut butter (fixing the girls an afternoon snack killed me! I didn't have much trouble with stomach rumblies today until our regular snack time after school.)
Supper: 1 large serving Lemon Tuna Spaghetti, 2 servings cucumber slices w/a bit of Creamy Caesar dressing
Evening: 1 stalk celery w/peanut butter, 1 orange, 1 c. skim milk ~ all while hubby sat beside me on the couch eating halloween chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!

Total exercise time: 4 hrs, 35 min (avg: 39 min/day)
Average Exercise Level: Moderate to heavy
Total distance travelled: 17.5 miles/28.16 km

All in all, an okay week. Felt especially good to get back into jogging. We'll see how long the road conditions allow it!

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Susanne said...

Love how you are putting your "money where your mouth is"... I may have to start "weighing in" (get it?!?!) on Walk the Talk Tuesdays, as well. Whaddaya think???