Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay, liquids and fasting days SUCK. Had THREE of those day last week.

Three of "those" days, I mean.

Three days where I was supposed to be restricting myself to liquids for the first two meals of the day. Ha.

This was my first week attempting to follow the eating plan I was on when I began this blog (see sidebar for details). For the last six weeks, I've been coasting ~ allowing myself to not play by the rules. Being content with maintaining.

So now I know I can easily maintain a weight of 160-165, which, when you consider for many years I've been maintaining 185-190, is pretty good. But I'd prefer knowing I could maintain 145-150. So I decided to start playing by the rules again.

Except playing by the rules when you've allowed a six-week free-for-all is HARD.

On Monday, the first "liquids" day back into the swing of things, I did well until the evening. And then I binged like nobody's business.

On Wednesday, the second "liquids" day of the week, I consumed nothing but liquids...

...until lunch. When I ate out with a wonderful bunch of women from my church.

I should've then stuck to liquids for supper, but because The Bushman was home and I actually had to cook, it didn't happen. But at least I didn't eat anything after supper.

Today was supposed to be a fasting day. Notice how I said, "was supposed to be."

Not only did I eat brunch this morning and supper this evening, but I also just polished off two large tortillas with melted cheddar rolled up and dipped in salsa and sour cream.

Ugh. I hate re-learning the rules.

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Mendie said...

Its gonna be hard getting back on track after not being focused for so long. If you really want it...then try to stick to one day without thinking about the next one. You did it before so I know you can do it again!

Be strong but don't beat yourself up!

Andrea said...

Hang in there! I can see how this would be hard...not only re-learning the 'rules', but just re-starting it in general. I can picture myself being content with 160-165 too, and stopping there even when I know I'd want to go further....

Brooke said...

its hard to keep pressing on. especially when you're already smaller than you've been in a while. but we CAN do this!!