Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gettin' ma GROOVE back on!

I struggled this week with getting back into the habit of following the Woman of Moderation/Lord's Table recommended eating plan (see my sidebar for more details). It's really only been about a month since I quit strictly following it, but it's amazing how tough it is to go a day without solid food for breakfast and lunch again!!

So I went back over my old posts and dug this one out to hopefully encourage myself ~ and now I'm sharing it with you!

Many, many moons ago, I used the phrase, "start carving my groove" and it seemed to strike a chord with several people. It got me thinking about how water works when it gets dammed up or when there's suddenly water where there didn't used to be and it needs to get somewhere, like during spring thaw up in the hills around our place.

Each weekend, we drive up into the hills to the little town where our church is and each spring, it amazes me how many new rivulets make their way down to the road. No path has been previously cut for them necessarily, they have to blaze their own trail ~ carve their own groove ~ in order to get anywhere.

Similarly, developing self-discipline ~ carving a new groove ~ requires effort. It requires time and perseverance. The gulley at the end of our road that gets a little wider and a little deeper every year (after having swallowed the road that used to be there) didn't just suddenly come into being. It's only been after years of spring run-off carving its path down to the river that the ravine has become what it is.

So this week, I've tried to view things a little differently. As a rivulet planning to one day rival the Amazon. One has to start somewhere, right?

I've started with this: leaving the computer off in the mornings until I've read my Bible, had some quiet time (this WAS a habit and then I got lazy), exercised, and done at least half the things on my to-do list for the day. And NO snacking in the evenings! None of these have been done to perfection yet, but at least I'm heading in the right direction!

My GOAL really isn't to lose weight; my goal is to live with purpose the life I think God would want me to. This includes being a good steward of the human vessel He's entrusted me with. I have NOT done well in this area for basically all of my adult life, but I realized several months ago that my focus has always been wrong. My focus has been ME and how I want to look all hot and sexy and have people express their unbelief that I'm a 30-something mom of two and how I'd tell everyone of my great determination, all the while primping and preening and strutting my stuff. I've always known my focus needed to rather be on HIM, but somehow never realized that it wasn't.

And so I've started carving my groove towards honouring Him in everything, my body and health included. None of the things I mentioned have been done every single day, but I've begun the process of change.

My groove is still small and rather insignificant yet; not terribly impressive. But my potential is torrential.

Niagara Falls
(haha, how was THAT for cheesey??!!)


Brooke said...

cheesy - but i like it! :P

i'm working on the same thing - i prayed yesterday during my run i want to be healthy, i want to maintain the temple, but heaven forbid (literallY) that start worshiping the temple and forget who it was built for!

i'm going to reach my goal (3 pounds away) because i can't stand not crossing something off my list, then i'm going to eat/exercise/live healthy.

Andrea said...

I love it -- "my potential is torrential"!!