Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to Basics

I've totally been a slacker this summer.

Well, maybe not totally (after all, I HAVE taken up jogging!), but as far as being intentional about how and what I eat...? Yeah, I've been a slacker.

Fortunately, that hasn't translated to a weight gain, but I really haven't lost much this summer either.

I need to get back to doing what I know works...


It's interesting ~ I've faithfully walked at least 4 times a week for the last six years and lost weight a few times, but still gained it back. But once I started fasting, I didn't even HAVE to walk to lose weight.

So now that I've started jogging at least three times a week, if I'd get back into the habit of fasting two or three days a week again, I should manage to lose some weight again, right?

Ah, but that's the kicker, idn' it? Gettin' back into the habit. Starting to blaze that trail, carve that groove, all over again. After a summer of allowing the chaos of holidays, husbands being out of work, kids being out of school, and swimming lessons derail me.

I need to get back to the basics:
  • no desserts* ~ which, unfortunately, I've suddenly gotten into the habit of making all the time!! (until this summer, I pretty much only made dessert when we had company)
  • no evening snacking* ~ which has become rather commonplace around here again; and...
  • fasting at least two days a week (with emphasis on relationship with God, not just skipping meals).

I've been doing the opposite of all three of these this summer and really, if it wasn't for the jogging, I'd probably have gained some hard-lost weight back already because of it. So, as my girls slowly gear themselves up to return to school, I'm preparing myself to get back to the basics, back to the tried-and-true strategies that worked for me earlier this year.

Because my youngest daughter will now be in kindergarten two or three full days each week ("even" days of a 6-day school cycle), those will be my fasting days. Before, I was doing 3 days a week, now it'll be 5 every two weeks, but I appreciate the fact that I won't be drawing their attention to missed meals. I like that I'll be able to hide the fasting from them for now. They're too young to develop a preoccupation with eating and weight, and besides, that really isn't what fasting is supposed to be about.

I'm looking forward to actually being able to focus more on spending time with God and His Word without constant distraction. It's tricky to focus on God while fasting with kids underfoot; it's very easy to forget the point of it all is to dig into the Bread of Life. I haven't prayed about staying away from the temptation that lurks behind my kitchen cupboard doors for a long time. Actually, since taking up jogging, my prayer life has suffered ~ I used to pray for a good portion of my two-mile walk. Now those two miles are spent counting hydro poles or trying to motivate myself to run to the next one.

Image from shutterstock.comSo that's my plan for fall. Generally following those three basic steps...

...and making a serious bid for those
last 15 pounds!

* by NO snacking and NO desserts, I don't mean NEVER EVER, but I do mean that I don't want it to be a customary or daily occurence. I'm not seeking to cut those things out completely, but this nasty habit of snacking EVERY STINKIN' NIGHT in front of the TV has got to stop!!!!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Getting back to routine will definitely help to get back into fasting.

I have to get over this weird guilt thing I have going on over fasting. I feel like since my primary purpose for fasting is to lose weight, that it's cheating if I use those times of "selfish" fasting to grow closer to God. Not sure if I explained that right.

Brooke said...

i know that intervals are more effective atncalorie burning, but i like long, steady runs so i can just zone out, appreciate nature, and talk to God.

also, i can see how fasting around kids could be hard. don't want them thinking just skipping meals is okay, and they're probably too young to understand true fasting.

Andrea said...

I love the emphasis you put on fasting -- what it's really supposed to be about; growing closer to God. I haven't yet done the fasting thing, becuase I think my primary focus for doing it would be for losing weight and I don't think that is the right motives.

I know you can shed those 15 pounds once you get a regular schedule again. And keep up the running -- it does wonders for weight loss!!! (especially combined with good food choices)

Vickie said...

With school starting you will be able to focus better:) Good luck!!

WriterMarie said...

Hi there...I just gave you the One Lovely Blog Award! Come see my post about it at xoxoxo

Mesha said...

lol...i can't even THINK when i'm

way to come up with a game plan. "if we fail to plan, we plan to fail!"

u'll make it, don't give up and keep depending on the Lord's strength and not your own, we are prone to fail!