Monday, February 10, 2014

Two Things

You know what's great?  Being able to enjoy the feeling of hunger pangs and learning to envision they're the feeling of fat melting away.  (instead of my gastric juices beginning to dissolve my stomach lining...)  I know there are those in this world for whom it's a desperate reality, but for me, it's been a good thing to get used to over the last month and a bit.  I know it won't always feel this way and I can already tell I'm getting used to eating much less than I customarily would have not that long ago.  Those "normal" days when I can eat kinda however I feel like eating?  It's amazing how much sooner I feel full now.

You what what else is great?  Feeling bloated and surely heavier than you were a month ago and having the scale reveal you've actually lost weight since you last weighed in four days ago.

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