Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday

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One step forward, two steps back.  Or maybe just the two steps back.

It's only a pound in the wrong direction, but it rankles, my friends.  It RANKLES.

I was HOPING to stay the same, but it doesn't surprise me to be up a little this week.  First we had our little two-day family get-away,
If you're unfamiliar with raclette,
click the picture for more info.  We
did ours a little differently and just
used the top for meat, putting our
veggies and cheese together on
the little paddles beneath.
and then as soon as we got back, we had two evenings in a row partying and potlucking with friends.

I ate my very first raclette meal on Saturday... VERY dangerous, I tell ya whut!  It's that sneaky kind of meal ~ sorta like fondue ~ where you sit around the table for hours, just "snacking" with a group of friends, and only realize once you get up how much you've actually over-eaten!  SO delicious.

And now we've probably got two weekends in a row where we'll have company for 2-3 days each... man, the tough eating situations just won't end!!  The Man's parents will be out this coming weekend from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon and then my parents will most likely be out next weekend from Friday evening to Monday afternoon.

And I'll probably be working a few extra hours in the coming weeks as well as the push to get T4s* out reaches fever pitch. So finding time for exercise (I've actually started getting up even earlier in the morning to do 20 minutes of pilates each workday), meal planning, and prep time will ALSO be more of a challenge than it has been since I started my 25-hr/wk job last month.

Maybe in all the busyness I'll forget to eat...

(yeah, right!) 

* I'm not sure of the American equivalent ~ it's a slip you get from your employer(s) detailing gross income and all deductions that gets attached to your tax return.  In Canada, every employee must have theirs by Feb 28.

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