Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fling ~ Week 6 Weigh-in

No change this week.

Except I'm not swallowing razor blades anymore. Which is, of course, a wonderful improvement from last week!!

Turns out I had a pretty bad case of tonsilitis, of all things! Finally sought medical attention Thursday afternoon and started noticing some improvement late Friday.

Went for a short little walk Friday night just to get out of the house, but Saturday my body was struggling with the harsh antibiotics, so I stayed pretty close to the bathroom. Sunday, the soreness was almost completely gone, but I went for my usual two-mile walk and I'm sure it took almost twice as long as it normally does. I was completely wiped out!! I NAPPED afterwards, for Pete's sake! I NEVER nap.

So it would seem recovery time from a fever-ridden illness increases with age!

Amazingly, I did the same walk less than 24 hours later (Monday morning), and it was like I'd never been sick. Took the same amount of time as normal, and I felt great afterwards.

So that's my excuse for not losing any weight this week: didn't eat as much as usual, but didn't move for four straight days either.

Sick In Bed


Christie O. said...

maintenance during a sick week = TOTAL VICTORY! glad you're feeling better!! xo

Brooke said...

glad you're feeling better! :) I know when I was little I got tonsilitis so much they just decided to yank those puppies out. It'll really knock you on your butt.

Tirah said...

I agree with Christie. To maintain when you’re sick is a victory!

Christy M. said...

I'm so glad you feel better, Tammi! Isn't it crazy how much longer it takes for us to feel better now? My kids are good in 24 hours and it's DAYS for me. GAH.

Way to go on getting back to the walking, too! YAY!!

Heather D said...

Hurrah for maintaining and feeling better!

april said...

Glad you're feeling better! Great job maintaining!

Bobbie said...

I agree that maintenance while sick is an accomplishment you can be proud of!!!!

Adrienne said...

glad you're feeling better. i don't know what's going on with me. i've fallen off and it's hard trying to get back on.

and napping is never a bad thing. lol