Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday: Burst into Summer FINALE!

Burst into Summer Challenge @ Sisterhood of the Shrinking JeansMan, I can't believe this challenge is over. When we first started, it sounded like so much time! But here we are: the end of a challenge, the end of August, the end of summer...

And 5 lbs lighter!

Not exactly what I was hoping for, but then I wasn't planning on being quite as busy and routine-free as we ended up being either! So I'm happy.

In a season where I generally tend to GAIN a few, a 5-lb loss is victory.

Tomorrow is September and I imagine the Sisterhood will kick off a new challenge in a week or two.  I'm not sure where I'm going from here though.  I mean, I still plan on losing more weight, but I'm not sure about this blog.  I'm debating either leaving it for a while, or just posting periodically ~ when I feel like it ~ or deleting it altogether.  I tend to get annoyed with feeling "obligated" to post regularly, and then I get stubborn and self-sabotage.

So I don't know.  My weight-loss efforts will continue, but this blog has felt a little pointless for quite some time already.


Brooke said...

congrats on the loss for the challenge! :) weight loss in the summer (well any time really) is so hard.

as for the blog, do what will lead you to a healthier life. that is the point after all.

AnnG said...

Ditto to what Brooke said about the blog!
As for losing the 5 pounds -- great job!

Andrea said...

I feel the same way about my weight loss blog. Although I wouldn't delete it altogether, and I would encourage you to not do that either. It's good to look back on things we have written in the past. You just never know when you might regret deleting it.

But hooray on dropping 5 pounds over summer. That is definitely a huge feat! I think I have sort of resigned myself to the fact that things will improve for me once school - and routine - starts again. Well, at least that's been my excuse for all of the slacking off I've been doing. :)

jane walts said...

congratulations! I've got a huge problem with weight gain as well. gotta loss weight! I'm inspired! Thanks!

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