Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

The Sisterhood's Shrink for Good ChallengeWell...

I snacked too much.

I haven't resumed fasting on kindergarten days like I promised.

I'm still waitin' on Ms. TOM (I was expecting her on the weekend, but she's a li'l unpredictable sometimes)...

So, all things considered, I guess a loss of only 0.4 lbs isn't half bad.

No, the problem isn't being happy with a little loss. The problem is that I'm not keeping my promises to cut out habitual evening snacking and to get back into the routine of fasting two or three days a week!

I need a good, swift butt-kicking again!! (any takers??)

I'm no longer in a position where it will be possible to lose 10 lbs this challenge, but I'm still aiming for 7.

Couch Potato


Mendie said...

I'll kick your butt if you kick mine back into a regular exercise routine! Deal?

Good job on the loss despite all the snacking, now stop it Ms Tammi! You can overcome this...just pull the strength from deep inside and tell yourself that it's not worth it when you reach for that cookie or bag of salty snacks.

Keep your head up...and smile!

Mommy Mo said...

I'm a nighttime snacker too but now that I have started journaling what I eat all day long, I can pace myself and build in an evening snack. Lately, I have been having a Fiber One Plus bar in the evenings plus a piece of fruit.

You can do it. Now bend over, so I can give you a swift kick in the tooshie : ).

Lisa/Shrinking Jeans

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

You can do this Tammi!!! Kick that snacking habit to the curb!!! BE STRONG!

Congrats on your loss :) I'm proud of you!!

Christie O. said...

we're all lined up ready to kick that butt!! just kidding. no seriously, you're doing great, every little bit counts!

Brooke said...

you're staying somewhat in control, or else you wouldn't be losing at all. so take that knowledge/willpower and transfer it to snacking/fasting. :) i have no doubt you can get back on track by the end of the challenge

Lucid said...

I just read the FAQ on the course you're on and WOW. I commend you on your undertaking. It looks really tough. Don't beat yourself up about not sticking to it, pat yourself on the back when you get back on track!

Heather D said...

Nighttime snacking is hard. That was one of my healthy habits on the 21 day challenge.

If I do eat at night now, it's sliced apples with a laughing cow wedge, popcorn, or a frozen go-gurt.

But deep down, my heart is crying for ice cream!!!

You can do it! And by the way, .4 lbs is fantastic. It all adds up!

Sarah said...

It all adds up as I've been seeing lately! Keep it up.

Vickie said...

Oh I know about that night snacking! Besides pop, night snacking is always my downfall.

But a .4 loss means you are doing something right.

I just want to say thanks for your comments on my blog. They are always uplifting and are much appreciated:)

The Sisterhood kicked me off their blogroll, so I was also feeling an Ouch. I know why...I wasn't active the last couple of months, but still an Ouch.